1-2-3 March 2018 | IFM - Istanbul Expo Centre | Turkey

4th International Exhibition for Fastener and Fixing Technology

Turkey At A Glance


► Turkey is the world’s 16th and Europe’s 6th largest economy and it is expected to be the world’s 12th biggest economy by 2023

► At the crossroads of Europe, Asia and the Middle East acting as a bridge between the continents, with advanced Sea, Land, Rail and Air Transportation networks

► Turkey is located at the heart of a major crossroads in global trade, within a four-hour flight it provides access to markets with a combined population of 1.6 billion people, a GDP of US$27 trillion and more than US$8 trillion of foreign trade


► According to Trading Economic research, exports from Turkey increased by a 9.3% to $12.8 billion and imports edged up a 6 percent to USD 16.9 billion in 2016

► Country’s growth forecast for 2017 was put at 4.4%, gaining further momentum in 2018 and 2019 with projections of 5% growth

► Customs Union with the EU since 1995 and free trade agreements with 20 more countries, with more pending

► Population of 76.5 million, half below the age of 30

► Member of the G20, OECD and the WTO

Latest news

  • Fastener Fair Turkey will be held on three days including Saturday 3 March. This additional day should increase the number of visitors from the Asian side of Turkey.
  • Contact us at turkey@fastenerfair.com for more information. See you again soon in Istanbul!

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